Tuesday, April 26, 2011


oh, picture tells everything,
no need further explanation,
but, SPM books?
"anggap saje saya sedang berangan-angan untuk mengambil peperiksaan itu semula"
even, that was 101% IMPOSSIBLE

oh, heart,
please be patience,
finish it first,
then u can go back home!
even, in darkness night..
u couldnt see this..

oh , My Lord,
I only need YOUR little tiny miny strength from YOUR greatest, biggest strength,
I need the calmness,
I need YOU in every breath!


Hannajoe said...

Semangat! :)

Hannajoe said...

dan juga berusahalah! hahahahaha :p

cik kotak said...

yeah!tQ sista~!

Anonymous said...

no hands on the wheel syehh even kt highway... nice....

-donald duck-