Thursday, November 19, 2009

u ReaLLy LoOk disGusting WhiLe u in ciGarettes!

hYe ReadErs!
semoGa beRada dLam moOd hapPy+ceRia seLalu..

tOday post basically about smoking/smoke/cigarettes.
its just my personally opinion..
so any objection,do please comment me k??

its not look a "macho" one when u smoke in public!
seriously,it do not!
the smell,smoke u produce,
erk.its really irritating me!
i dont think so u can attract girls towrds yourself while u r smoking!
they also hate you!
but, there are also some girls/women who smoke..
so,in this case,
i dont know what really they are thinking about!

smoking affects how Long u lives!
there are major diseases caused by smoking,there are ~

x cardiovascular disease x
x bladder cancer x
x cancer of the oesophagus x
x cancer of the kidneys x
x cancer of pancreas x
x cervical cancer x
x high blood pressure x

hush,thats a lot! n there are many disease that im not listed above!
so,think b4 u want to try..
btw,u also affected people around u..
people that u LOVES n CARES!
them might die first b4 u!due to the smoke u produce.
argghh,just a selfish person u r!
ok,stop mumble miera!

below are some creative anti-smoking banners..
i do really like it! =)

for more picture regarding anti-smoking advertisement,
click on the link below~

Top 43 Creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements
Top 43 Creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements 43 images... Anti-smoking ads have gotten increasingly graphic, even gruesome in the past few years....

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