Thursday, March 25, 2010


mode: unstable emotional
*sorry guys*

A lot of causes..don't know how to spill it out...
couldn't explain it..
argghhh...really hate this situation!

nak jerit, but takut jiran tetangga mati terkejut dengar cik kotak menjerit..
tears, a while is acceptable..bt, not to long! tired kot nanti..
sleep? couldn't..always thinking about here and there..
couldn't get rid it from my mind!

Lastly..pretend to calm,pretend nothing happened, eventhough hati dah macam laut dilanda musim tengkujuh..*betul ke eja tu?*
just think in the positive side..
I wish Allah will show the way...

wishing there is someone that could lend their ears and shoulder now..

1 comment:

Azrai Ahmad Zamri said...

salam ziarah..
dalam k0ndisi cam ni lebih baik kita berserah pada-Nya..zikir banyak2 yer cik k0tak..m0ga ditemui ketenangan dlm dunia penuh cabaran =)