Wednesday, March 31, 2010

there must be a reason~!

Something that happened, must be a followed by a reason.
Sebab yang mungkin akan kita sedar sebaik sahaja sesuatu itu berlaku ataupun its takes time for us to figure out.
Its doesn't matter how long we take to figure that out..
But, the most important thing is how we take and applied that reason in our daily life..

By resist or deny something that happened might not be appropriate ways to face it..
Some times, run from it might be the best way to take,
but realize it or not, one day it will came out just right in front of our face..

Run from it for a minute, its acceptable..
because we can used that minute to prepared ourself to face it..

Open your heart, take it easily and reflect back in your life!
InsyaAllah..it will be simplified..=)

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