Saturday, December 19, 2009

H0sTeL vs HoMe

There are a lot of different between life in hostel and life in your own home..
At hostel, u have your friends but at home, u have your own family..
At hostel, u have to pay 100% attention on your study.. your goal there,
But, at home, LIVE HAPPY EVER AFTER...hahah

For this entry, i want to share about what stuff make the 2 places are quite different for me..
There here go..

At HOME..u will have this..

1. REfrigeraTor
anytime, anyminute..u can have a cold drink here..No energy needed to be here..only take a few step..and most important no need to go to any cafe to get syrup!!
2. Television
Of coz,your room in your hostel, didnt have this..if not, u will be looking at it 24/7 ryte?

3. a CaR
The best things to have it!eventhough i didnt have any license yet, but at home i have my own driver!hahaha..so, i can go anywhere like windows shopping perhaps=P

ObviousLy, at your HOSTEL u will have a comfortable environment to study..
ur books just infront of ur eyes..
Just grab it if u needed one..
but in home?hard to get ryte?

BUT then...anywhere i go..home or hostel..i will have it (LAPTOP+BROADBAND) with me..
cannot leave it anywhere..or else, i will be like person "hilang arah"!
hehehe..just joking..

so, you guys? any different between 2 this places that affected u most?
my plessure if u wanna to share with me..=D


Sharinginfoz said...

rasanya seronok sangat dok rumah tapi sekali-sekala, environment lain ok juga

miera said...

to sharinginfoz..
hmmm...betol gak tu..kang bosan lak terperuk kat 1 kawasan je..

Azrai Ahmad Zamri said...

salam ziarah..
hmM..betul3! bile duk umah lame2 pun b0ring jgk..
yG pasti kat umah da lebih privacy c0z duk sbilik s0rang2..kalu kat h0stel maybe kurang2 sbilik k0ngsi 2, 4, atau berpuluh2 orang(d0rm)!..hehE ;)

zella said...

seronok duduk umah
smuanya tersedia tp lama2 borink jugak
klu duduk umah sewa/hostel lebih byk berdikari dan boleh jd seorang yg independent